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“People will stare. Make it worth their while. ”

Harry Winston



A native of Colorado, I am a licensed Esthetician, certified lash professional and permanent makeup technician. My interest with lash extensions began in 2009 when my son left for bootcamp to became a United States Marine. I wanted, no, I needed something to keep my mind focused on something other than worry. That is when I began "doing lashes" on friends & family. I had been getting them myself for years and had a basic knowledge of how they were done from listening to my own lash stylist. So I began formal training with my first course, which led to many many MORE continuing education courses in all things lash related! I earned my esthetic license & several advanced lash certifications, including my first in the Russian Volume Technique in one of the first volume classes in North America instructed by Irina Levchuk. Since then I have been focused on mastering this technique by continually seeking out the best in education & products.

I lived in Pennsylvania for several years where I earned my license from the Lancaster School of Cosmetology. Before moving back to Colorado I added the art of Permanent Cosmetics to my resume, studying with Genesis Skin Academy...and that journey of training and continuing education began and continues still! I pride myself on being a perfectionist and being meticulous at everything I do. So with that new craft, I set out to find the best of the best in training and products just as I had in my lash world!

My dedication and personal commitment to continuing education and hands on training enables me to keep my knowledge and skills up to date in these fast paced industries! I always want to be ahead of the game in order to bring the very best to my my clients! I've been fortunate to train with some of the very best, well respected leaders and innovators in both the lash and permanent cosmetic industries.

  • Irina Levchuk - Lash&Brow Design Academy
  • Nadia Afanaseva - Eye Design New York (Formerly N&M Beauty Corp)
  • Teresa Smith - I Love Lash & author of The Lash Bible
  • Jill Heijligers-Peloquin - Founder of the Be An Amazing Lash Artist Project & Lash Mastery Group
  • Linh Nguyen - Award winning & Internationally acclaimed lash artist. Beyond Volume Lash Training
  • Teryn Darling - World renown trainer & Permanent Makeup Artist - Shades & Strokes, Color Theory
  • Mary Ritcherson - NaturaLines Permanent Makeup - Master Technician & International Trainer - Shades & Strokes
  • Tina Davies - Artist & Creator of Harmony Microblade - Shades & Strokes
  • Will Anthony - Will AnthonyPermanent Cosmetics & Advanced Training Centers - Strechniques Smokey Eyeliner
  • Heather Pacheco - Genesis Skin Academy of Permanent Makeup
  • Taryn Quinterri & Steven Greitzer - Cosmetic Aesthetic - Scalp MicroPigmentation
  • Academy of Advanced Beauty - Permanent Makeup 

I am committed to providing high quality service and products every time my clients see me. Customer satisfaction, and their well being in my chair is my #1 priority.  I have worn extensions since 2005 and I LOVE them! With my busy lifestyle, I just don't have a lot of time or energy to spend putting on mascara every day. It is great to "wake up with makeup" and my morning routine is done in half the time.


FAB~U~Lash&Brow Studio is the Official Lash & Brow Sponsor of the

  • Miss Colorado USA,
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